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Hi, and welcome to Simply Baseline. If you are looking for the latest gaming news, reviews of top games, or very once n a while a preview, then this is the right place. Every day I post a short guide of that days top  news, providing links to more in-depth looks, while sometimes contributing some of my own thoughts. Every once in a while I will either miss a day, or deem that days news less than noteworthy, in which case I will fold anything that did happen into the next days. On the weekends, look for Reviews and Previews, as well as features. Each day of the week may bring an extra post as well, Mondays may recap the weeks releases, or Fridays may offer developments on the biggest news stories. I post every evening, shooting for P.M. Eastern, and tweet links to all my stories. If you would like to give feedback, feel free to email or tweet me. And remember, for the latest gaming news, go to bit.ly/GamingToday, for the latest releases, bit.ly/ThisWeeksGames, and for all things Gaming, bit.ly/SimplyBaseline. Thanks for coming by, and I hope you stay a while- Ethan Horn

Site Twitter: @SimplyBaseline (Check here for the news as it happens)

My Twitter: @CometIndy (Check here for my personal ruminations)

Email: cometindy@gmail.com

Also feel free to add me on PSN, Xbox Live, and Steam at CometIndy!


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