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Housekeeping for Today in Games

Hey guys, sorry for the long delay in posting but a number of things have happened. In the interest of clarity, they are as follows; 1) My laptop’s battery died, forcing me to work only near outlet’s. This didn’t stop me from writing, but it did cause me to prioritize. 2) My course work has […]

Today in Games: 4/23/14

Thanks for stopping by Simply Baseline, where you can get all the latest gaming headlines in one place. If you have been here before, you know how this works, but for first timers let me give you a rundown. Every day gaming stuff happens, some it important most of it not. I go around and […]

Today in Games: 4/22/14

As I promised yesterday, Today’s list includes not only the 22nd’s top stories but the 21st’s as well. Read on to hear all the important tidbits from, about and over gaming. Why read 20 articles when one will get you up to date in a flash? Here are the headlines to care about for Tuesday, […]

Today in Games… Tomorrow

Hey guys, Sorry, but there won’t be a new Today in Games until tomorrow, April 22nd. Why? Well there just isn’t enough news. Sorry for the slight inconvenience, but be sure to check back tomorrow for all the news from this Tuesday as well as some tidbits from Monday. Thanks for your continued readership- Ethan […]

4 Days in Games: 4/17-4/20

A few cool stories provide the backbone for what is a pretty typical few day’s in gaming terms. Read on for some announcements about the PS$ firmware update, game releases and discounts that matter to you. Thanks for reading all the interactive media industries news from Thursday, April 17th thru Sunday, April 20th, 2014. 1) […]

Today in Games: 4/16/14

Trials is now out on all platforms, and I fully suspect that all of my regular readers are currently too obsessed with that to read this. But if you happen to wonder on in, then check out the list below for all the stuff that happened around the games space today. Here are the headlines […]

Today in Games: 4/15/14

Everywhere on the internet, PAX previews are drowning out the news. If you are trying to find the important news stories, it can be a pain. That’s why I’m here. You can check this list every day for the most up-to-date  news from the gaming industry. For  an example, look below as I list the […]