Housekeeping for Today in Games

Daily4-1 Hey guys, sorry for the long delay in posting but a number of things have happened. In the interest of clarity, they are as follows;

1) My laptop’s battery died, forcing me to work only near outlet’s. This didn’t stop me from writing, but it did cause me to prioritize.

2) My course work has built up as the year is winding down, meaning that the precious few minutes of writing time I have are spent of school work and not filling you guys in on the latest gaming news.

And lastly, 3) As the summer begin’s I will have infinitely more free time than I do know, so I have been planning what to do with that time. A lot of it will be spent on Simply Baseline, writing some articles I am very excited about, as well as a whole new suite of daily and weekly articles I can’t wait to start writing.

So that’s what the laxness boils down to, a perfect storm that knocked out Simply Baseline for a while. That said, I’m almost back! In the coming days I will reveal some cool new projects as well as pick up the old ones, so be sure to stay tuned. As always, thanks for reading and have a nice day- Ethan H.


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