Today in Games: 4/23/14


Thanks for stopping by Simply Baseline, where you can get all the latest gaming headlines in one place. If you have been here before, you know how this works, but for first timers let me give you a rundown. Every day gaming stuff happens, some it important most of it not. I go around and gather up all the news in one place, make it a sentence or two long and make a list which you can find below. So to get started, just finish this sentence and check out all the headlines from Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014.

1) GOTY Edition’s have bee spotted for Telltale’s The Walking Dead on Xbox One and PS4. The 30 dollar retail box seems to include the 400 day’s DLC, and has a release date of June 17th. There seems to be too much info on Gamestop’s product page for this to be a fake, so fan’s should keep an eye out.

2) Xbox One is coming to 26 new countries, headlines by Japan this September.

3) Sony Online Entertainment announced a while ago that they were going to release an ‘All-Access Pass’ which allowed purchasers to play all of it’s subscription games for one rate. Well, for the second time sense the announcement the developer is delaying the release, now pushing it to the 29th. If you haven’t checked out Everquest, DC Universe Online or other SOE titles, the 14.99 package is very intriguing.

4) Remember that 2 Billion dollar Facebook/Oculus Rift deal? Well the government is okay with it, as two different agencies that authorize this sort of thing did so today. This essentially amounts to closing the deal, so expect an official announcement in the coming days.

5) If you are looking forward to Ubisoft’s retro inspired RPG on the 30th, then be sure to check out the soundtrack, which comes out on the 29th though Bandcamp.

6) Some kid who lost a Call of Duty matched overreacted, and the NY Post has the story.

7) Some really weird trailers for the new F2P Soulcaliber game appeared today, but were later confirmed as false. Check out the trailers here.

8) Activision announced it’s next entry in the now annualized series Skylanders. Skylanders: Trap Team is the new edition, which centralizes on taking control of the enemies.

9) Xcom: Enemy Unknown is headed to Android users soon, as confirmed by the game twitter account.

There you have it, all the important things from gaming on April 23rd. Whether this was your fist time or your 2oth, I hope the list was interesting enough to not make this you last. Thanks for taking some time to read my words- Ethan H.



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