Today in Games: 4/22/14


As I promised yesterday, Today’s list includes not only the 22nd’s top stories but the 21st’s as well. Read on to hear all the important tidbits from, about and over gaming. Why read 20 articles when one will get you up to date in a flash? Here are the headlines to care about for Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014. (And some from Monday 🙂 )

1) Dragon Age: Inquisition has a release date. Bioware’s first foray into the next gen arena launches this October.

2) Tecmo Koei and Nintendo are teaming up to bring Fatal Frame to the Wii U.

3) Remember earlier this week when I told you guy’s about how Codemasters was teasing a new Grid game? Well they were, and you can expect Grid: Autosport on PS3 and 360 this June.

4) Somehow another PacMan Ghostly Adventures game is being made.

5) Like the Tales series? Well good news, Tales of Xillia 2 is headed west on PS3 this August.

6) 2K announced that soon, Online support for thee Borderlands and Civilization franchises will be going down due to the Gamespy closer’s I told you guys about a while back. Good News is that the company also says they are working to bring the two titles back online ASAP after the fact.

7) BlizzCon is back this November. If you want to attended the gaming convention, tickets go on sale May 7th for the event which is being held in Anaheim at the convention center.

8) Nintendo announced that they will be doing a DLC season pass for the upcoming Mario Golf: World Tour that will feature 4 characters and 6 courses.

9) Two new Peggle 2 announcements, 1) The game is getting a DLC character and 2) the game is coming to the Xbox 360 May 7th.

10) Cryteck announced it’s free-to-play Xbox 360 shooter Warface is officially out of beta.

11) Remember that pretty awful F2P Tekken fighter on PSN? Well now there is a matching Soulcaliber title.

Thats the news. Hope you enjoyed the list and be sure to leave any feedback in the comments or with me on twitter @CometIndy. Thanks for reading- Ethan H.


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