This Week’s Releases: 4/21-4/28


What one week ago looked like a fairly soft line up has started to look better in recent day’s. Check below for all the games coming to platforms near you over the next week.

Batman: Arkham Origins– Cold, Cold Heart DLC- PS3, 360- 9.99- 4/22

I enjoyed the base entry to an already stellar Arkham franchise, but thought it needed a bit more. I hopee this DLC does what it looks like and messes with the oh-so-familiar gameplay that will tide me over until Arkham Night this Fall.

Cel Damage HD- PS4, PS3, Vita– 9.99- 4/22

This PS2 era vehicular combat game was pretty good back in the day, and might even be worth 10 bucks now if it”s your cup of tea.

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure- PC- 19.99- 4/22

A kickstarted 2D adventure game, Tesla Effect seems to rely more on classic design than the comparable Broken Age, which seems to incorporate a lot of modern sensibilities.

Demon Gaze- Vita- 39.99- 4/22

One of the last big Vita games for a while, if you are looking for a game on the go this may be your last shot until Borderlands 2 in May.

The Walking Dead Season 2- Episodes 1 and 2- Vita- 19.99 or 4.99 separately- 4/22

TellTale’s premier franchise heads to Vita, and if this season has miraculously bi-passed you until now then be sure to check it out.

Dark Souls II- PC- 49.99- 4/25

Perhaps my favorite game in March, Dark Souls II looks even better on PC.

NES Remix 2- Wii U- 14.99- 4/25

A gigantic deal. Not only is it cheap, but it’s something you can play on a Wii U!

Here are some titles which should already be familiar, but that are  coming to newer platforms this week:

LEGO: The Hobbit- Wii U

Octodad: Dadliest Catch- PS4

Yoshi’s Island- Wii U

Trials Fusion- PC

BlazBlue: Crono Phantasma- Vita

Those are all the games you should be able to get your hands on this week, if you find any more let me know in the comments or on Twitter @CometIndy. Thanks for checking this week’s list, and head back to the blog tomorrow for two day’s worth of gaming headlines. Thanks and happy reading- Ethan H.



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