4 Days in Games: 4/17-4/20

Daily4-1 A few cool stories provide the backbone for what is a pretty typical few day’s in gaming terms. Read on for some announcements about the PS$ firmware update, game releases and discounts that matter to you. Thanks for reading all the interactive media industries news from Thursday, April 17th thru Sunday, April 20th, 2014.

1) Playstation has detailed the next firmware update (1.7) for PS4. While the entire patch hasn’t been divulged  yet, we now know that two big features are present. Share Factory will allow PS4 users to edit the video clips users take, as well as move them over to a USB flash drive. Second, when you pre-order a game from the PSN store the title will download a couple of day’s before release, allowing you to play as soon as the game unlocks at midnight.

2) Activision has removed all mention of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 from it’s product page. The team said that they are trying to make a version for Xbox One, but it may not happen.

3) If you have been holding out on The Walking Dead Season 2, then their is no better time to pick it up than this Tuesday. The second season of TellTale’s popular episodic series comes to Vita on April 22nd.

4) Sony announced today that the company is looking into discounting the PS4 version of The Last of Us for those who purchased the game on PS3.

5) Disney Infinite 2.0, while we still don’t know exactly what that islooks to be coming this August complete with some Marvel themed additions. Check out the announcement here. The company has announced since that the release date was incorrect, but that may just be to cover their tracks.

6) Another video game novel is  set to release, this time an ebook which takes place after the conclusion to Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs: //N/ Dark Clouds is being written by Jon Shirley.

7) Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition is coming to Steam. If for some reason you STILL haven’t gotten crowd smashing, button mashing goodness then be sure to check it out.

8) Sony announced that by June many of the companies TV’s will have Playstation Now streaming capabilities.

9) Did you love Silent Hill when it was good? Then get excited because Silent Hill Origins and Shattered Memories are coming to Vita soon, courtesy Konami.

10) Microsoft has recently filed a Trademark for something called Screamride. Our best guess here at Simply Baseline is that Xbox will debut a VR headset, accompanied by ‘Screamride’ at E3.

11) Octodad: Dadliest Catch is coming to PS4 next Tuesday.

12) Ubisoft bragged about download numbers for it’s newest mobile game. Trials: Frontier (which is necessarily bad) has been downloaded over 6 million times in the first week.

13) Super Mario Bros. 3 is now available on Wii U and 3DS.

14) Skullgirls, the 2D fighter about punk rock female combat, will get some new characters soon. The three new characters are all intriguing but the real gamechanger is the first male character in the franchise.

15) Cell Damage HD is coming to PS3, PS4, and Vita next week. The PS2 era vehicular combat game marks one of the first games from that time period to come to the newest consoles.

16) Housemarque, the developers of Resogun, are teasing a big announcement for the PS4 exclusive. In a recent image the group released, it appears that the developers are playing couch co-op.

17) Danganropa 2 is coming west to America and Europe.

18) Tales of the Heart R is also coming West.

19) Codemasters is teasing something for this Tuesday related to the Grid series.  I loved Grid 2, so whether this is a next gen port or just a new entry into the franchise, be sure to check back for the announcement.

20) Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is now out on Android.

21) Assassin’s Creed has sold over 73 million units to date across the franchise.

22) Nate Wells, the lead Naughty Dog artist, has jumped ship to another Sony Studio, Giant Sparrow, who made The Unfinished Swan.

23) PixelJunk Monsters HD is free on Vita as a part of this week’s PS+, along with a discount on Octodad for PS4.

That’s the news, be sure to check back and Thanks for reading!- Ethan H.


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