Today in Games: 4/16/14


Trials is now out on all platforms, and I fully suspect that all of my regular readers are currently too obsessed with that to read this. But if you happen to wonder on in, then check out the list below for all the stuff that happened around the games space today. Here are the headlines and news you want to know for Wednesday, April 16th, 2014.

1) Legendary Halo composer Martin O’Donnell was ‘let go’ by Bungie after 10 years.

2)  Ted Timmins, the lead on Fable Anniversary, has left Lionhead Studio’s.

3) Minecraft is coming to PS3 via Blu-ray on May 14th.

4) Sony announced that they are selling all 9.5 million shares of their Square Enix stock.

5) The Last of Us has one more DLC pack coming before the Remastered edition hits, and it will feature maps, weapons and a new mode.

6) An update is coming to Infamous: Second Son tomorrow, headlined by the ability to take HUD free screenshot’s in game.

7) My favorite card game in recent memory, Hearthstone, is now available for free on iPads worldwide.

8) Indie game Deadlight is now available to all Xbox 3360 gold users through Games with Gold.

9) Sony announced today that over 7 million PS4’s have been sold to date.

10) If you own Terraria on a PS3, 360 or Vita then get ready for a big product patch coming tomorrow. Version 1.22 will feature a myriad of fixes and improvements, so check out the full list here.

As always, thanks for taking some time away from gaming to read about gaming! Every one of you who reads this is awesome, and I can’t express how cool it is that you comee here to keep up with the gaming world. Thanks for stopping by- Ethan H.





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