Today in Games: 4/14/14


After my unceremonious break I’m in the mood to write some news. Below you will find all the important tidbits from the gaming world in a nice, orderly fashion. Hopefully some of them interest you, because here is the news from Monday, April 14th, 2014.

1) If you liked Super Meat Boy and Indie game the movie, then you are probably familiar with Developer Team Meat’s Edward McMillen.  The Team’s next game is Mewgenic’s, a cat sim RPG game that quite frankly looks like the coolest thing. The game also features cat fights, and to get to the actual news here Edward posted gifs of the fighting system on his blog.

2)  A posting on Uboisoft’s online store points to a Fall release for Watch Dog’s on Wii U.

3) Drinkbox Studio’s, the team behind Guacamelee! (which I really liked) and Tales from Space: About A Blob, are hitting the mobile space in Spring of 2015. Severed looks like a Year Walk inspired swipe and explore game with lush graphics and an interesting combat system, and makes we wish it were already out.

4) Trials: Fusion will be getting a day one patch on the Xbox One which increase the game’s resolution.

5) Vita 2D exclusive OlliOlli has a release date for other platforms. The skateboarding game will release this July for consoles and PC.

6) If you need to scratch that Crysis 1 or 2 multiplayer itch, then now is the time to do it, as multiplayer servers for both titles are shutting down May 31.

7) Rollercoaster Tycoon is out now for iOS, and will be chased later this year with a completely different PC iteration.

8) Michel Ancel, creator of the Beyond Good & Evil series, recently showed off concept art for Beyond Good & Evil 2.

9) A year ago Square Enix opened an India branch, and it is now closing with noting to show for the groups time together.

10) Castle of Illusion ( The recent remake, not the classic) is headed to PS+ members tomorrow on PS3.

11) Tonight Xbox One owners will be able to download the April firmware update. For a full list of the patch’s improvements, head to this post.

Thanks for checking in on the world of gaming, and I hope that  some of these announcements got you excited. Thanks for taking some time to read this, and check back every day for all your gaming news needs.- Ethan H.


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