Last Week in Games: 4/8-4/13


I missed a few posts throughout the week so here is a catch all for the gaming news I didn’t cover. PAX East is going on in Boston and there is a lot to cover, so check below for all the headlines. Here is everything that happened in games from April 8th to 13th.

1) Microsoft announced that they have 6 different shows in the works as part of their TV initiative.

2) The Assassins Creed Movie, which has been talked about for years, has a new team of writers.

3) Marvel figures are coming to Disney Infinity, along with something called ‘Disney Infinity 2.0’. What that means is still hazy, but it could be anything from a new boxed game to free DLC, until more is announced we don’t know.

4) Borderlands 2 now has a release date, right along side the PS Vita Slim. Both the handheld and the blockbuster release in May, the console on May 6, the game on the 13th.

5) Nintendo shed some light on the upcoming release of both Super Smash Brother’s titles. The 3DS version is due out this summer, with the Wii U edition slated for this Winter. Nintendo also announced a slew of new characters, stages and assist trophies, headlined by Charizard returning to the arena.

6) You can now gt the soundtracks to Pokemon Black and White on iTunes.

7) In other Borderlands has announced a new title, which is coming this year exclusively to last gen consoles. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is a prequel to Borderlands 2 that takes place on Pandora’s moon.

8) A listing for a Watch Dog’s season pass revealed that the game has two playable characters.

9) The Persona 3 anime is getting a western release.

10) Ubisoft’s The Crew wants more than your 60 dollars. The upcoming driving MMO will also include micro-transactions which will allow players to upgrade cars more quickly than they would otherwise be able to.

11) The Last of Us on next gen is real, and its coming this summer. The update to one of last years best games is coming to PS4 in a remastered edition which will include the games DLC and director’s commentary.

12) The guys behind Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon are helping out with the Division, mainly crafting realistic weapons for the post apocalyptic world.

13) Killer Instinct on Xbox One now has an Arcade mode and new character, available in an update last week.

14) Ubisoft’s upcoming ‘indie’ title Child of Light revealed that the animation in the game has been influenced by Cirque Du Soleil, as the acting troop consulted on the title.

15) An upcoming Forza 5 expansion will add the iconic Long Beach speedway to the game.

16) Sony Online Entertainment, the people behind Planetside 2, are making their own zombie survival MMO. H1Z1 (clever right?) will come to Steam and PS4 later this year.

17) Infamous: Second Son has sold 1 million copies in 9 days.

18) The mobile edition of Minecraft, Pocket Edition, has sold 21 million copies.

19) There are reports that Watch Dogs runs at 1080p on PS4.

20) A mobile Hitman is coming next week. Early reports describe Hitman Go as a more puzzle experience, but good either way.

21) Transistor, the next title from the developers of Bastion, is coming to PS4 and PC on May 20.

22) An upcoming Titanfall patch will add private lobbies and bug fixes, while at PAX the devs announced the first three map DLC for the game, which is due out in May.

23) Below, made by indie dev Capybara, is coming to Steam. The game was originally announced as an Xbox One exclusive.

24) Ubisoft announced a Uplay contest which is bringing 12 entrants to E3 this year.

25) Harmonix announced that both Rock Band and Dance Central still have life, and that we will here more later this year.

26) Naughty Dog is releasing an Art book to commemorate their 30th anniversary.

27) Blizzard announced that their collectible card game Hearthstone will be getting a single player story later this year.

28) Trials: Frontier is now out on iOS devices.

29) A game version of The Amazing Spider Man 2 is coming next week from Gameloft to mobile devices.

30) Record Run, a new mobile game from Harmonix, is coming soon. The infinite runner will bled Harmonix unique style with the familiar mobile gameplay.

31) Civilization: Beyond Earth is the next Civ game coming from Sid Meyer and team.

32) PAX is going south this Winter. PAX South is the events newest location in San Antonio, and will take place January 23-25.

33) Four player online and local co-op is coming to Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne.

34) Soda Drinker Pro is coming to Xbox One. As always, ID@Xbox is collecting the cream of the crop.

35) Super Time Force is releasing in late May and early June, for Xbox One and PC respectively.

36) The fourth week of Infamous: Second Son’s Paper Trail DLC is now available.

That’s the news for while I was gone. Be sre to check back regularly for my daily content, and thanks for catching up with this article. Thanks for reading- Ethan H.



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