Today in Games: 4/7/2014


News keeps on happening, so check out the gaming headlines here. This post will keep you up to date on
the latest things happening in video games on April, 7th 2014.

1) EA announced that the fans who pre-order UFC will have access to Bruce Lee as a playable character.

2) A new YouTube app for Xbox One is allowing users to upload their Xbox One game clips. It becomes available on the 8th.

3) Stealth Inc. is this weeks free PS+ offering, and the title is also a cross-buy so be sure to get it on PS3 and Vita.

4) 12 players ‘trials’ are coming to Elder Scrolls Online. The new subset of missions will task 12 characters with PVE encounters,all set in the new Craglorn section of the game.

5) DOTA 2 The Internationalist tickets sold out in 1 hour.

6) For those of you intrigued by Goat Simulator last week, get excited for the titles upcoming multiplayer addition. Starting soon, another player can be added to thee mayhem via splitscreen.

7) Microsoft announced that they are still trying to suss out how to emulate Xbox 360 games on an Xbox One. If they can manage to get it working, it would be a gamechanger in the current console market.

8) If you ave been dying to change guns mid-match in Battlefield 4, there is good news. Starting April the 8th, players can change their loadouts whenever they want via the Battlelog tablet app.

That’s the news for today, hope some of the headlines grabbed your interest. For more, check out my past articles and feel free to leave feedback in the comments or with me on Twitter @CometIndy. Thanks for reading- Ethan H.


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