Weekend in Games: 4/5-4/6


This weekend was pretty busy as far as gaming weekends go. With a few announcements, release dates and general stories, this weekend had a bit of everything in it. Check out all the gaming news headlines for the weekend of April the 5th below.

1) On Saturday we found out when the B. B. I. Baseball series will make it’s return. The 2014 iteration of the popular sports game will be available on Xbox 360 next week. The game is more than likely coming to other platforms as well.

2) If you were getting the new Wolfenstein exclusively for the additional Doom beta, make sure that you also have a next-gen console or PC.

3) If you are still playing the Resistance series online, get in your last few matches, the servers go down on April 8th.

4) A group is trying to find a rumored trove of lost E.T. games buried in the New Mexico desert, and they just got official permission to dig for the lost games.

5) If you love the Monster Hunter series and like to draw, then be sure to enter your ideas into their weapon design contest. Capcom is hosting a contest to enter player designs into Monster Hunter 4.

6) The third week off the Paper Trail DLC is now available in Infamous: Second Son.

7) There are rumors that Disney is making a sequel to Wreck-it-Ralph. I personally loved the video game inspired Pixar film, and this announcement, if true, gets me really excited.

That’s it for the news this weekend. Be sure to check back here for all your News, reviews and preview needs, and leave feedback in the comments or @CometIndy on Twitter. Thanks for reading- Ethan H.


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