Weekend in Games: 3/29-3/30


This weekend has been a busy one, and this list is a testament to that fact. Here is the weekend’s news for March 29th through the 30th of 2014.

1) Another Adam Sandler movie is coming, and this time it’s about Video Games. The upcoming movie, Pixels, is being Directed by Chris Columbus (of Home Alone fame), produced by Seth Gordon (of King of Kong fame), and will also star Kevin James and Josh Gad.

2) The next-gen survival horror title Aliens: Isolation got a release date. The game, which is a spin off of the first film in the series, launches October 3rd on both Next gen platforms.

3) The second week of Infamous: Second Son’s Paper trail DLC has begun, and if you for some reason need another reason to play the game, there it is.

4) If you are a fan of Bioshock who is sad to see Irrational go, then comfort yourself with some free tracks from the second Burial at Sea DLC. To get the free songs from Irrationals swan’s song, then check here.

5) A Phineas and Ferb play set is coming to Disney Infinite. This brings up something I have been wondering, for those of you that bought the game back at launch, are the content packs enough for you to justify jumping back in? Leave your response in the comments below.

6) For those of you who love Dr. Mario, you know have two ways to play on the Wii U. Besides Dr. Luigi which came out a couple of months as a part of the Year of Luigi, you can now download the NES classic Dr. Mario to the console.

7) If you want to here John Carmack’s thoughts on the Oculus acquisition by Facebook, then check out this blog post’s first comment. P.S. The blog was written by the lead guitarist of Anamanaguchi, a band that makes music out of classic game sound effects.

8) July 24 will see the release of a new Corpse Party title in Japan. Corpse Party: Blood Drive will release in Japan on the Vita, marking the series first entry on that handheld.

That’s about all the news from the past weekend. If you like the News posts be sure to like them, and also comment below, or let me know on Twitter @CometIndy, any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading, and I hope to get your viewership again- Ethan H.



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