Today in Games: 3/26/14


With the big news from Facebook yesterday, a few of today’s news items have to do with the massive move in a VR forerunner. But as always, today’s news is a mix of interesting headlines, all of which can be found in Wednesday, March 26th’s Today in Games.

1) Yesterday we reported that the Battlefield 4 DLC Naval Strike was delayed on PC. Today, Dice announced the delay would also carry over to Xbox One, as the company is prioritizing some key bug fixtures before launching the expansion.

2) Last August Nintendo announced GameBoy Advance games would be coming to Wii U, and now they are. For the full list, which is headlined by Super Mario Bros. 3, check this Business Wire piece.

3) The first PS4 game with Morpheus support has been revealed. ‘Project Cars’ by Slightly Mad Studios has confirmed that the next-gen racer will feature support for Sony’s VR headset.

4) A collector’s edition of Wolfenstein: The New Order has been announced. The special edition features a pretty sweet statue of a mechanical dog, but not the game itself. If you want the game with your special edition that will be 60 more dollars, but that statue IS pretty sweet…

5) Xbox has revealed how their new reputation system will work. The revisions will see players with worse reputations getting direct feedback.

6), makers of Candy Crush Saga, have recently gone public. The IPO was originally valued at 7 Billion, but that number has been sliding since only 500 Million shares have been sold. Shares are now down over 15 percent.

7) Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is nearing the end of it’s development cycle, the developer said earlier today. If you haven’t heard of the game, check it out on YouTube, it is one of my favorite rogue-like titles and a must buy on Vita when it releases.

8) Respawn has detailed how they are continuing to punish players in Titanfall, and you can see what they are doing here.

9) Californian Senator Leland Yee, who was instrumental in almost getting violent games banned, has been arrested on corruption charges. What goes around comes around.

10) If you pre-order Goat Simulator on Steam, then you can play it four days early.

11) Sony has released the full panel in which the Morpheus was announced. You can watch it here.

12) Facebook’s stock dropped 7 points today, largely due to the Oculus purchase.

13) Vita is getting another firmware update just two days after the last. 3.12 will feature stability upgrades to a number of features.

14) Co-creators of the Torchlight Franchise have left the development studio.

That’s all the news for March ¬†26th, 2014. Hope a few of these caught your interest, if if none did, then be sure to check back tomorrow for something that will. Thanks for taking some time to read this, and until tomorrow- Ethan H.


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