Today in Games: 3/25/14

Daily3-25Today has been a busy day in the gaming world, and this list should reflect that. With such a long post, might as well get started. Here is Tuesday, March 25th’s headlines.

1) Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike DLC has been released for Playstation Premium members. the bad news is that the DLC has been ‘indefinitely delayed’ on PC. With all the problems since launch, I’m not sure anyone is too surprised at this latest blunder.

2) Smite is now out, and to accompany the release there will be a 200,000 dollar tournament.

3) Four more Star Wars themed tables have been announced for Zen Pinball 2. The tables will be lead to consoles by one featuring Han Solo and Chewie.

4) Three Sony owned European developers saw layoffs today. London Studio, Guerrilla Cambridge Studio and Evolution Studio all saw layoffs.

5) Are you looking forward to Project Spark? Well, if you want a glimpse at what the game can do, be sure to check out Linkin Park’s newest music video which was created in the game.

6) Recently, a developer claimed on Twitter that Valve’s Steam Greenlight program will be gone. The tweet goes on to say that Valve would continue to curate content, but the platform would be open for submissions.

7) Seth Killian has left his position at Sony Computer Entertainment. The video game boss, reality show judge, fighting game guru will move on to an as of now unnamed venture.

8) Luftrausers released last week, and it is really good. A clone that just released on IOs is really bad, and the developer wants everyone to know that it’s creator is just trying to steal money.

9) In a 2 billion dollar deal, Facebook is moving to acquire Oculus Rift.

10) In response to that last news bit, Minecraft creator Notch has said that the possible Minecraft VR game is all but dead.

11) The YouTube distribute for famous casters like PewdiePie and TotalBiscut has been purchased by Disney for 500 million.

There were some big announcement’s today, but I’m most curious on your thoughts about Facebook acquiring Oculus Rift. Facebook has said that nothing will change at the company, but I personally just went from excited to queasy. Let me and everyone else know your thoughts in the comments below or @CometIndy on Twitter. Thanks for reading, and until tomorrow- Ethan H.



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