Today in Games: 3/24/2014

Daily3-24The weekend is over, and while that sucks it definitely means one thing, more news! So without any more intro, here are the gaming news stories for Monday March 24th, 2014.

1) Hotline Miami s coming to PS4. The top down, 80’s inspired indie’s sequel is also on track for release this year. The best part of this re-release is that anyone who owns the title on PS3 or Vita get it free day one as a cross-buy title.

2) OlliOlli, the 2d Indie skateboarding game is grinding over to PS3, PS4 and PC. The game released on Vita to great reviews a few months back, and I’m excited to see it on a big screen.

3) Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is tomorrow’s free PS Plus title, so be sure to grab it if you own a Vita.

4) You can now download the MLG’s (Major League Gaming) app for Xbox 360. If you are looking for it on Xbox One however, it will be a while, as the group said to expect it later this year.

5) Trials Frontier, The mobile tie-in to Trials Fusion, has a release date. The balance centric 2d dirt-bike game launches on April 10th.

6) Up to this point, an Xbox One edition of Diablo 3 hadn’t been announced. Today however, developers revealed that the game is being made. They were hesitant however on whether the title would ever launch, reassuring that the PS4 version was a sure thing, while the Xbox One version may not be.

7) Love Skylanders? Then go get a Happy Meal, as McDonald’s popular kid’s meal will start carrying special characters for the product. Dastardly.

8) Vita firmware 3.10 has been detailed. Major improvements include a calender app you can sync with Google and a new data management menu. Check out the full list of upgrades here.

That’s about it for this Monday. Hope something on this list interested you, and remember to check back here daily for all your news needs. In a bit of House-keeping, our regular “Releases this Week’ article will be posting tomorrow instead of today. Hope this is a minor inconvenience, and until tomorrow, Ethan H.



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