Non-Gaming Gift Ideas

With all the fantastic games coming out year-round, there are many times that amount in awesome products. I’m going to highlight some affordable, super fun gift ideas for yourself or a friend.


Miracle Berry Fruit
The first product receiving my official endorsement is this ‘miracle fruit’. Produced by numerous companies and sold by many online shopping centers, these tablets may not work miracles, but they sure do screw up your reality. When one of these tablets are dissolved on your tongues, for the next hour everything sour, bitter and tart will taste sweet. Pure lemon juice goes down like lemonade, jalapeños are bell peppers. The possibilities are endless, from challenging friends to warhead eating contests to impressing that ‘special someone’ by eating 10 ghost peppers. These little tablets come in around ten dollars for ten pieces, and each piece lasts about an hour.

Get it here:


Anything Max Temkin Makes
This is not hyperbole, almost any product found on is worth your time, money, and eventually a recommendation to friends. From an older kid version of apples to apples in cards against humanity to werewolf, some of the best party games around can be purchased for less than 25 dollars. His Philosophy poster collection combines minimalism with some of the most thought provoking quotes out there. In fact if you don’t end up purchasing any of these visual delights I recommend you at least turn them into some fairly fancy wallpapers. The one game that is making on this list happens to be published by Mr. Temkin. Released a couple of weeks ago, Samurai Gunn is the best Party game released in quite a while. This lightning fast, one hit kill, instant respawn brawler encapsulates everything fun about couch co-op. If you have PC compatible controllers and a few friends, there is no excuse not to ‘indulge’ yourself for this excellent 15 dollar game.

Get His stuff here:



What is one thing almost everybody uses daily? Soap. So why not make a gamer in your life’s soap experience more fun? With Digitalsoap that is easily accomplished. From awesome bars shaped like NES cartridges to Xbox 360 controllers, there is going to be something that looks awesome. Video games not your thing? Not to worry, as Digitalsoaps also sells soda soaps. Yea, soda.  Not only does your shampoo now smell like Mountain Dew, but you can absorb all that delicious caffeine through your scalp! While all that is fantastic, I really do highly recommend just browsing through the Etsy store for things that catch your eye, whether its Dragon Ball replicas or a Master Chief Helmet.

Soap it up here:



That first word is important. When you get a generic gift card or one to an alien establishment, all it accomplishes is making you feel sad because the person that gave it to you doesn’t listen to where you like to shop. Don’t fall victim to this yourself! If you know a PC gamer, shoot for a Steam gift card. If your friend only plays PS3, then don’t get a year of Xbox live. This is simple stuff, but seriously, don’t screw it up!

Get them: Anywhere, Literally Anywhere


Game Soundtracks

This one is a trickier territory. While there are a few standout soundtracks, they are really only great gifts if your recipient has played the game. If they listen to this and it calls back dozens of hours of fun, while also being a great jam, its a win-win. If its good music, that’s a win. As long as you don’t get a bad soundtrack to a game they hated, a lose-lose, you’ll be fine. Just for a few ideas, here are some games with great music from the past couple of years. (Note that old soundtracks can be even better thanks to nostalgia)

Journey– It was Grammy nominated, so there’s that.

Hotline Miami– This is ’80’s music at its best. P.S. This is not available in an album, so buy it piecemeal.

Guacamelee– It’s a blend of everything that is good about mariachi.

Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3– If you played this game then the music will bring back great memories, as well as offer epic orchestral feats.

FTL– This spacey, electronic music will have you itching to pilot a spaceship in no time.

Assassins Creed 4 Sea Shanties– Go on, treat yourself.

Super Hexagon– For really, really upbeat and awesome chip tune.

For Licensed Music here are a few albums, but remember that they aren’t available for purchase  as a collection.

Saints Row 4


Max Payne 3

Need for Speed: Rivals


Nerf Guns

If you have never wanted a Nerf gun then this probably isn’t for you, but if you have, then just do it. Treat yourself. Get one of the five dollar ones with the suction cup tipped bullets so you can shoot at stuff on TV, because you know that sounds fun. There are tons of models that are all surprisingly cheap for plastic guns made around the world. Let Hasbro’s patented Nerf foam bullets sweep you back to childhood. For a more luxurious experience, invest in a more detailed model like the one above.

Get a boring but still fun model:

Get the awesome model: Search for one and track it down, they are hard to find!



There have been a lot of great television shows released over the last couple of years, and here are a few of the greats. (Remember: Most of these shows are on Netflix or Hulu Plus, but for seasons on disc check Amazon.)


After the recent Batman Trilogy kicked off a wave of quality super hero movies, Arrow brings that type of quality to the hour long space. Arrow spends a lot of time building believable characters along with great character relationships. The villain per episode format really benefits the series as well, allowing for the backstory to progress in a new setting every week. This adaptation of DC’s The Green Arrow comic is a harbinger of great Superhero television to come.

The Walking Dead

This piece of post Apocalyptic drama is one of AMC’s many fantastic shows. For uninformed viewers the stories are grueling to watch, toying with the audience in a slow plodding fashion. For comic readers the show acts as an interesting take on a story that has already been told. Either way, the show is well known for it’s great characters and brutal special effects. Anyone who hasn’t seen the show should at least catch the first few episodes.

There are more shows definitely worthy of your hard owned cash, and here are the top of the heap.

Breaking Bad

Mad Men

Game of Thrones

Boardwalk Empire

Downton Abbey- Don’t judge, it’s good television



While gamers may choose a controller for their entertainment, the written word can serve as a valuable substitute. From Fantasy novels akin to Skyrim, to dramas VERY akin to TellTales: The Walking Dead, reading can expedite the exploration aspect of games by getting to the point. Here are a few of the best. (Again: Check Amazon)

The Song of Ice and Fire

Known to many as Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martins fantasy epic is worth the price of admission. Long plodding tales intertwining numerous characters which create truly human moments are just a sample of what the series offers. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the story is the worldwide scale, and the small characters and events that affect every person across the globe.

The Walking Dead: Compendium One

The beginning of a worldwide phenomena, this massive collection of the original comics is great for lovers of the insanely popular show. With differing story lines which add backstory to some of the shows favorite characters, this is essential to any true fan. The Compendium covers the first 48 issues of the blockbuster franchise.

More Great books worth a look:

The Mass Effect Novels

DC Comics New 52 Series

Air Force Gator 1 and 2

Bioshock Infinite Art Book

Critical Path



If you feel compelled to buy SOMETHING that actually has to do with gaming, then there is one easy option. While there are some amazing consoles that have recently come out, as far as a gift goes the best options are from the last set. When someone buys a PS3 along with a year of Playstation Plus, they are committing to new pieces of content monthly and great sales to boot. With Borderlands 2, Grid 2 and Dyad all free this month alone, PS Plus is one of the best deals in gaming, not to mention one that Playstation seems committed to maintaining for years to come.

Get it at: Best Buy, Gamestop, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Anywhere


Finale and Conclusion

For one last awesome gift, I can only point to this. I hope this guide has shown you something you can get for that special little gamer in your life. Or big gamer, I’m not sizeist. If you have a product that deserves to be bought and shown off then share it below in the comments or with me @CometIndy on Twitter.

Thanks for reading-Ethan H


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