Today in Games: 3/20/14


This is the fourth day of GDC. The news for today is light, but as always I’ve summarized it below. Here is the gaming news for March 20th, 2014.

1) Amazon Fury 1 was announced today as a DLC to DC Universe Online.

2) The soundtrack for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl can now be found on iTunes. This is the next in a long line of Pokemon soundtracks which have been released recently, which will ore than likely end in the release of X and Y’s audio.

3) This happened a few days ago, but since it’s announcement more news has come out. Walmart will start accepting games with a new trade-in policy. The new program is coming to limited stores and is only allowed for specific products, but any competition can be good during a relative monopoly.

4) The Dualshock 4 will receive a highly requested feature in the next PS4 update. The light bar, which caused quite a stir upon release, can be dimmed as soon as the update launches. There are also rumors circulating that the update will allow for pre-loading digital games, but I will update you on the accuracy of these reports.

5) Karl Stewart, who was a leader in the recent  Tomb Raider reboot, has left Square Enix.

6) Obsidian announce announced new Tank centric MMO which will be Free-to-Play.

7) A new entry in the Toy Soldier series will be coming to both next-gen systems.

As I said, a light list for today. Hope you enjoyed your daily dose of gaming news, Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back tomorrow with even more news- Ethan H.


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