Today in Games: 3/19/14

Daily3-19The third day of GDC is upon us. When the industry looks back on this year’s event, it will undoubtedly go down as when VR became the next big thing. Before now, Oculus Rift seemed like a novel project with potential. After this weekend, Oculus is in an arms race to be the best on a crowded market. And although there are so many other cool previews and interviews coming out of GDC, let’s get down to the news. Here are the top gaming headlines for March 19th, 2014.

1) EA has again delayed the launch of Titanfall for Xbox 360. The game, originally scheduled to release alongside it’s bigger Xbox One brother, got pushed two weeks back for the second time and is now estimated for April 8th.

2) is bringing tons on Linux games to it’s storefront later this year.

3) Oculus Rift announced a new dev kit. The new model runs at 1080p and offers head tracking, bringing the device in parody with Sony’s announcement yesterday. The team also announced that a commercial release is “not that far off”.

4) Sacred 3 has a release date. The game ships on August 26 for PS3, 360 and PC.

5) Valve’s documentary on DOTA 2 is out. The film, entitled Free-to-Play. follows professional DOTA 2 players while also commenting on the general culture of F2P titles and e-sports.

6) Unreal Engine 4 will have a subscription model. For only 20 dollars a month, anyone can have a suite of development tools at their fingertips. Oh, and 5% royalties on any products made with UE4. In all honesty, it’s an amazing deal that anyone even interested in game design should check out.

7) The PS4 will be improving many of it’s share features in a coming update. The most significant being that videos stored on the system can then be moved over to USB sticks instead of Facebook. For the full list of updates check them out here.

8) There will be a free update, which adds quite a bit of content, to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Look at the contents here.

9) Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike DLC is coming to Premium subscribers March 25 and non-premium users in early April. The pack will include 4 maps, a new mode, and many weapons and vehicles (most importantly a hovercraft).

10) Dong Nguyen (creator) confirmed via Twitter that Flappy Bird will one day be released again. No timeframe was given.

11) Shadowrun Online will be heading to Steam early access later in March.

12) EA’s website has been hit with a Scam that makes visitors enter their Apple ID’s. If you happen to visit the site, do not give them any information. ( This really doesn’t help the whole ‘America’s Worst company thing )

13) Gamespot reports that EA will continue to publish the Titanfall series.

14) Crytek announced that, like UE4, their Cryengine development tools will be  made available via monthly subscription.

That’s today’s news. Hope these are as interesting and informative as I want them to be. To let me know what you think, leave thoughts in the comments or send them to me on twitter @CometIndy. Thanks for reading, and until tomorrow- Ethan H.


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