Today in Games: 3/18/14

Daily3-18Tuesday, March 18th, 2014. GDC is on it’s second day and news is coming in droves, so let’s get right to it.

1) The April Xbox One update has been detailed, and it will focus on a number of issues. The biggest aspect for many is Friend notifications alerting users to when others come online. For the full suite of improvements, check here.

2) The Xbox One will be coming to 26 more countries this September.

3) Microsoft is reportedly joining the VR game and developing their own headset, this has not been confirmed yet however.

4) Microsoft announced the first set of indies launching through the ID@Xbox service, a list headlined by 1001 Spikes, Divekick Addition Edition, Super Time Force and more.

5) Project Spark’s open beta is available now on the Xbox One for anyone interested in the build your own game-game.

6) Guitar Hero and all related games (Band Hero, DJ Hero, etc.) DLC will be pulled from online retail centers on March 21.

7) Diablo III’s auction house is no more. The notably controversial center for commerce was shut down today for good.

8) As of today’s SimCity update, the game is officially offline. And only a year after it launched to crippling issues.

9) Jaime Greisemer, Lead Designer on Infamous: Second Son has left Sucker Punch.

10) An update coming to Google Play will let mobile developers better institute cross-platform multiplayer between Android and iPhone users.

11) EA and Microsoft have both been nominated in for Worst Company in America. EA has won the award two years in a row.

12) For the third time this week, the developers of The Witcher 3 are in the news. Today, CD Projekt Red confirmed they are working on an unannounced mobile project.

13) Stig Asmussen, Lead Director on many God of War titles, has left Sony Santa Monica.


14) Sony  announced their own VR headset, a la Oculus Rift. The device, code-named Project Morpheus, looks slick and is demo-able at GDC. Sight, Sound, Tracking, Control, Ease of Use and Content are the key areas for Sony, who revealed the device at GDC because they want developers using it now. The company discussed each point in depth during the presentation, which boiled down to “we have experience in every area needed, and money to make it happen.” It also seems as if this has been in the back of Sony’s mind for a while, as the PS camera was designed to work with the device. Either way, this is some pretty big news, and I’m sure there will be more to follow in the coming days.

15) Minority Media, the studio behind Papo & Yo, is making a new game called Cali.

As always, Thanks for reading! If any news breaks I will be sure to add it, and so until tomorrow, happy GDC Week!- Ethan H.


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  1. […] at 1080p and offers head tracking, bringing the device in parody with Sony’s announcement yesterday. The team also announced that a commercial release is “not that far […]

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