Weekend in Games: 3/14-16/14




Normally, Friday will not be lumped into my Weekend news post, but this week is an exception. I must confess, that I spent a good 15 hours when I should have written Friday’s playing Towerfall. That game is so good, expect a review soon. As an added bonus however, I will add some Gifs from the session to the bottom. Between here and there however, some news happened.

1) Phil Spencer (important Microsoft executive) outed that he plays PS4. Bigger news than that, he also admitted to owning a Wii U. While making these revelations he also knocked the gamer tendency to fight in ‘console wars’. To see the entire interview, done by Spikes Geoff Keighley, check here.

2) Some pictures were leaked of a possible Amazon gaming controller. After rumors the company might release an android based game console, the controllers existence should be no surprise. The surprising part? It’s absolutely hideous.

Microsoft Word - Foto externa_Controle Remoto3) For a short time, inoperable links to rent games appeared on PSN.

4) Platoons are now live for all versions and users in Battlefield 4.

5) Maxis (the developers) announced that SimCity is entering the final test phase for its offline update.

6) The Last of Us has sold 6 million copies, placing it within the top 5 most sold PS3 exclusives.

7) The steam controller has been changed due to fan feedback, and the new design looks slick. The fact it was announced on the same day as Amazon’s… attempt makes it all the better.


8) Twitch Plays Pokemon has beaten Crystal, with emerald set in their sites. Can they be the very best, the best there ever was?

9) PS4 consoles and accessories have become more expensive in Canada. Consoles will see a 50 dollar increase while Cameras and controllers will be bumped up by 5.

10) Pikachu and many other Pokemon have been selected as mascots for Japan during the World Cup (Soccer) which will take place this summer in Brazil. Sounds to me like they are already winners.

That is about all the big news this weekend. Look this week for my Towerfall, and possibly Titanfall reviews, a release post on Monday, and Trailer recap on Friday. Thanks for reading, and below are the promised Toerfall Gifs.- Ethan H.






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