This Weeks Releases: 3/17-3/24

Weekly3-17Last week Titans fell into the laps of Xbox gamers everywhere, and this week Playstation users get superpowers. With such a stellar week of games before it, this week has a high standard to live up to and amazingly, I think it manages to. Be the judge yourself, but here are the games for the week of March 17th.

999- IOs- 4.99- 3/17

999 makes it’s mobile debut with a retelling of the series first entry. Those who have not checked out the original should do so now.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster: PS3, Vita- 39.99- 3/18

Lightning Returns came out to generally negative reviews a few weeks back, so those looking for a JRPG fix may not have got one. Thankfully, that can be remedied, as one of the series most highly regarded titles is coming back in a shiny new suit. The game’s engine has been upgraded quite a bit if trailers, screenshots and impressions are to be believed, making it an interesting offer for fans. As for those who missed the last gen game on it’s first go round, if you want a long story centric JRPG with a great battle system, consider this a must buy.

Luftrausers: PS3, Vita- 9.99- 3/18

The game from Vlambeer, creators of Ridiculous Fishing and Super Crate Box, are back with a 2D plane combat game. While concept sounds strange and even boring, forget that, as the tight, bullet hell-esque gameplay makes each play session an invigorating roller coaster ride. What you need to know is that its fun, and only 7.99 for Plus users as a special launch sale.


SteamWorld Dig: PS4, Vita- 9.99- 3/18

Amazing, another Vita game worth a day one purchase. For fans of Mr.Drller or Motherload will find a more refines experience with this digging game. The point is to dig down and get resources, return to the surface and cash them in, buy upgrades and repeat. Where SteamWorld Dig separates itself is in the navigation and combat departments. Whether that interests you or not, the game will be a steal at a special 7.99 launch price for Plus users.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros: Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3- 29.99- 3/18

If you like Metal Gear, this title may be worth considering. However preliminary reports suggest the game is ridiculously short, so buy with caution. At a value price of 30 bucks, it may be worth getting a feel for the game. As always, let your own instinct drive buying decisions, but I myself, an avid Metal Gear fan, am steering clear until we know more.


Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z: PS3, Xbox 360, PC*- 59.99- 3/18, *3/21

Those expecting another Ninja Gaiden game may want to reevaluate their expectations. This is a game about a cyborg ninja who kills zombies with sword, fist, and occasionally their own arms. Oh, and it looks like a comic book. For those not willing to pay full price, PC players get a 20% discount for pre-purchasing.

Pokemon Battle Trozei: 3DS- 7.99- 3/20

Pokemaniacs unite! A new game featuring the pocket monsters will feature bejeweled like link and smash gameplay. The twist is that while that is happening on the lower screen, the upper shows a Battle which is based upon the players performance. The style has been done a few times on Mobile, but maybe Pokemon’s attempt will make it more enjoyable.

Pure Chess: 3DS, Wii U- ~9.99- 3/20

It’s Chess, without all the dirty stuff.


Infamous: Second Son: PS4- 59.99- 3/21

The Playstation exclusive superhero game series is back on next gen. I have honesty been on media blackout for the game, trying to keep as much as I can secret, but I have seen enough to have massive expectations. Here’s to hoping Sucker Punch didn’t miss a beat, and the game is great. For those who don’t know, Infamous has always focused on unique open world gameplay, accentuated by a rewarding combat system and collectibles everywhere. Definitely worth checking out.

**Borderlands 2 was announced for 3/18, but since has been moved to a May time schedule.

That’s about it for this week. What interests you the most? Why? Leave it in the comments, or Tweet me @CometIndy. Thanks for reading and check back every day this week for Today in Games. Thanks for reading- Ethan H.


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