Today in Games: 3/13/14

Daily3-13Today is Thursday, March 14th, 2014.

1) PSN finally updated today, two days after it was planned to.

2) Raymond Cox became the first person ever to achieve 1,000,000 gamerscore(get it?). Most people would insert a snide remark here, but I am genuinely impressed by this accomplishment.

3) Earlier in the week it was announced that The Witcher 3 would be delayed. Fans of the studios other projects, namely Cyberpunk 2077, should not worry however as other projects are still on track.

4) The BAFTA’s were yesterday, and here are the winners.

5) Titanfall will be receiving a companion app, as well as post launch support. While this may seem like a ‘duh’ statement, we must remember that dedication is not guaranteed.

6) PopCap, the studio behind such hits as Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle, have been hit with a round of layoffs. The exact size is currently unknown.

7) CounterSpy, which had previously been announced for PS3, Vita and mobile platforms is now coming to PS4.

8) Amazon announced AppStream, which will deliver apps and games via the cloud.

9) Firewatch was tentatively announced today. A studio consisting of former The Walking Dead and Mark of the Ninja developers is making a game about firemen in Wyoming, and you can check the website here.

10) MLB The Show has a next gen release date, May 6th, while the current gen iteration is still releasing on April 1st.

11) February NPD reports are out, so all you console war kids check it out at sites which give in depth analysis.

That’s about all for today. As always, I will  update if needed. If you have a news story that needs attention, or just want me to find an answer for you, just tweet me @CometIndy. Thanks for reading, -Ethan H.


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