Today in Games: 3/12/14


Another day, another batch of stories. Here are the announcements you should care about for Wednesday, March 12th, 2014.

1) The upcoming MMO Wildstar had a release date. The game, which boasts in twisting the old MMO formula into something fresh and new, launches on May 31 for pre-orders, and on June 3 for the rest of the world.

2) To commemorate Hearthstones launch, World of Warcraft players can earn a free mount for the MMO by winning a few games.

3) Mercenary Kings, the Contra-esque indie game, has also received a launch date. The PS4 version will launch on April 1st, but if you just have to play it now, the game has been in Steam’s Early Access program for a while.

4) A Watch Dogs closed Beta appeared on the Xbox One store last night. While no one could download the title, it’s existence points to good things for those looking forward to Ubisoft’s next open world game.

5) You know the awesome physics based Angry Birds games? Well now there is a game without the physics stuff! An Angry Birds RPG is hitting select portions of the IOs store (Not U.S.) later this week, to be followed worldwide.

6) The best mobile game so far this year, Threes!, is coming to Android. So what are you even doing reading this? Go get it!

7) Perhaps the only high profile indie for Nintendo, Shovel Knight has been delayed by ‘a few weeks’. No sign as to when it will launch, but make sure to check it out once it does.

8) One-hit-wonder, makers of Candy Crush Saga and some other games we haven’t heard of hope to be worth 7.6 Billion when the company goes public later this month. Mmhhhmm.

9) Art leaked today appears to be from a Forza Horizon Sequel (Check the Gallery below). Yes please.

10) Lastly, starting a week from Friday, I will start compiling all of the weeks Trailer into one post, that way they don’t clutter these.

As always, thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed, and until tomorrow- Ethan H.

Forza-Deep-South-610x268 Forza-Deep-South-2-610x271

*Credit Sumeet Surve


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