Today in Games: 3/11/14

Well, Titanfall is out and its servers are up, which means today’s news update may be a bit blunt. Fear not however as there will be links as always. With that, here’s the news for Tuesday, March 11th.

1) A 999 article is coming to Iphone soon.

2) Titanfall’s gigantic PC download, 48 gigs, has been explained. 35 gigs are uncompressed audio so the game can run on dual-core processors.

3) The Witcher 3 has been delayed until 2015, which is the saddest news of the day.

4) When Call  of Duty’s Elite platform shutdown, something went wrong in the back-end. Modern Warfare 3 players have since been having difficulty downloading any DLC. Whoever figured this out really is an American hero.

5) Hearthstone is now officially out of beta! For those of you who have been playing the open beta, all this really means is that card patches will come less often. For those of you who haven’t jumped in, this is yet another reason to do so!

6) For a decent part of the afternoon, Xbox Live wouldn’t allow users to sign in, causing mass hysteria among Titanfall players, which in all actuality is more or less justified.

7) Lastly, Microsoft can’t be the only console manufacturer to blame. Sony delayed today’s highly anticipated update, which included Towerfall. As of this post it still is not up.

It was a relatively light day for news, but as always I will be updating this if anything else brakes. Thanks for reading and enjoy the games!- Ethan H.


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